Short Wheel Base Van
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Medium Wheel Base Van
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Long Wheel Base Van
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Luton Van with Tail Lift
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Refrigerated Van
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Temperature Controlled Van
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  • Vehicle Range & Spec

    All of our panel vans are either Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Volkswagen Crafter from brand new to no more than 3 years old in the following range.

    Short Wheel Base:
    Internal = (W) 1.7m (H) 1.4m (L) 2.4m | Capacity = 5.7m³ | Pay Loads = 991 Kg
    Medium Wheel Base:
    Internal = (W) 1.7m (H) 1.9m (L) 3.4m | Capacity = 11m³ | Pay Loads = 1514 Kg  

    Long wheel base:
    internal = (W) 1.7m (H) 1.9m (L) 3.4m | Capacity = 11m³ | Pay Loads = 1514 Kg  

    All our specialist vans are available in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter range.
    Temp Range = (+)5C to (-)20C | Overnight Standby  

    Temperature Controlled:
    Temp Range = (+)25C to (-)18C | Overnight Standby  

    Luton Vans (with rear shutter and tail-lift):
    Internal = (W) 2.13m (H) 2.13m (L) 4m | Capacity = 18.1m³ | Pay Loads = 1795 Kg  

  • Maintenance and Assistance

    All vehicles are regularly serviced by our onsite engineers and every vehicle undergoes a 10-point health check before they go out to hire which includes:

    Tyre and Pressure
    Engine Oil Level
    Radiator Coolant
    Brake Fluid
    Steering Wheel Fluid
    Head and Rear Lights
    Indicator Lights
    Window Washer and Vipers

    To give you a peace of mind service you can add roadside and breakdown assistance cover and an optional vehicle replacement cover that could be delivered anywhere in the West Midlands.

  • Hire Locations

    Sprint operates from a central UK location to offer van hire Birmingham services from West Midlands to a UK nationwide coverage you to travel with unrestricted miles and optional European cover.

  • Hire Types

    Short Term:
    Our most flexible hire term typically ranging from 1 to 30 days’ rental length which you can book at any available date and time as and when you require.

    Long Term:
    If you require at least 1 month of hire we could negotiate a long term hire agreement at a better price saving you costs compared to our regular rates.

    Contract Hire:
    A minimum of 1 year contract for business use.

  • If you have any specific requirements or further questions please do not hesitate in contacting us and we will endeavour to tailor our services to meet your needs.